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Exploring Country Park: The Ultimate Dog Walking Destination in Greensboro, NC

Country Park Greensboro NC

Nestled within the heart of Greensboro lies a tranquil oasis waiting to be discovered: Country Park. Tucked away within the Battleground Parks District, this expansive green space offers a myriad of recreational opportunities for both pets and their owners. Away from the busy city streets, Country Park serves as a serene retreat where visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. With its well-maintained trails, scenic lake views, and designated dog park, Country Park exemplifies the natural splendor that North Carolina has to offer. Join my pup Mac and I as I take a break from my dog walking duties at Top Tails of Greensboro and we uncover the hidden treasures of this cherished local gem.

Greensboro's Best Dog Park

Other Things to Do at Country Park

Parking at Country Park


The Dog Park: Paws Up from Mac

As soon as we rolled into the parking lot, Mac's anticipation was evident! It had been some time since our last outing to the newly relocated dog park, now conveniently situated nearer to Lawndale Ave. With Mac eagerly pulling at the leash, we made our way towards the entrance. Upon arrival, we saw a choice between two sections: one designated for larger breeds and the other for smaller ones. Despite a fleeting moment of hesitation – which I quickly reassured Mac about his impressive stature – we made our way into the large dog area.

Dog Park in Greensboro NC

The dog park has a double-gate entrance, ensuring safety upon arrival and allowing Mac and other pups to acclimate in a small, quiet area before transitioning into the main play space. It is quite a large space so dogs can socialize with their pals or take a breather from the excitement. Scattered benches offer paw-rents a place to relax while watching the action. Shaded by trees, the park provides refuge from the sun, allowing pups to rest comfortably. It's a good idea to bring a towel for drying off if the ground is damp; the dog park's dirt surface, which Mac found ideal for some satisfying back scratches, can get a bit muddy. While there's a water fountain available, bringing your own bowl ensures pups can hydrate without sharing germs.

Dog Walker in Greensboro NC

Mac had a blast with an old ball he found as well as romping around in the large enclosed area. He gave the dog park 'Two Paws Up!"

What Else is There to Do at Country Park?

As much fun as we had at the dog park, there was still more to explore. We headed over to the Sno-Ball shop (much to Mac's disappointment was not a store selling balls for fetch). Then we looked at the pedal boats and ducks in the lake - another highlight for Mac. We also visited one of the playgrounds and saw several enjoying a spot of fishing.

Country Park Playground

Country Park Greensboro NC

Country Park has so much to do and offers:

Parking at Country Park in Greensboro

The park loop road is a dedicated pedestrian and cyclist zone so no cars are allowed. There is a shuttle service offered on weekends.

There are several parking lots available.

Top Tails of Greensboro

So What's Not to Love About Country Park? With its expansive grounds, picturesque lake and walking trails, it's a wonderful way to spend a day with your four-legged friend. And for Mac, the icing on the cake is undoubtedly the dog park.

If you find yourself short on time to treat your pup to these adventures, consider exploring Top Tails' Dog Walking services. We're happy to pick up your pet companion and take them on a stroll around the park.


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